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Obscura helps develop the specialty coffee industry in producing countries, by importing coffee roasted at Origin.


Laos PDR

Jhai Coffee Farmers Co-operative (Laos)

The Jhai Coffee Farmers Co-operative (JCFC) consists of 12 villages and 500 farming families. It is the first coffee co-op in Laos to become Fair Trade certified and is in the process of gaining full organic certification. The shade-grown crops of the JCFC are located on the Bolaven Plateau in southern Laos. The rich volcanic soil, high rainfall and elevation between 1000 to 1300m are ideal for the production of specialty grade coffee.


Lao Mountain Coffee (Laos)

Our master roaster, Steve Feldschneider works closely with the JCFC to showcase some of the best coffee in South-East Asia. For Obscura, Steve selects mostly antique root-stock Arabica Typica and high altitude Robusta both washed and dried processed. Lao Mountain is based in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Washed Arabicas from Laos are often characterised as having distinct floral and citrus notes. Dried processed Lao coffees typically have a bigger body often with milk chocolate notes in addition to tropical fruit notes.

Once Obscura puts in a monthly order, Steve and his staff roast, pack and send off the orders via Thai Airways to Melbourne. The turn-around 5-7 days -- the perfect amount of time to de-gas freshly roasted coffee before brewing. Obscura's coffee from Lao Mountain Coffee is packed in hand-screenprinted, foil-lined bags with one-way valves to maintain freshness.